In the aftermath of Christmas in one of the rougher years that I have been alive for, I wanted to share with readers a recipe that was absolutely on my to-do list in the holiday season. It is not exactly made up of “sugar and spice, and everything nice.” Actually, its ingredients are all psychological and negative emotions I have felt this year, and/or carried throughout the years. The fear, the pain, the anxiety, uncertainty, and for much too many, the grief that has mainly summed up the year 2020. Let’s all try something we’ve never done before. A make-believe recipe, filled with all the toxicity of 2020 that will rid our lives of those ingredients.

We’ll start with ingredients made up of the biggest items of trash we can find in our individual, mental closets. The most hurtful slurs, insults, and/or disappointments that we have lying around in there will be the main course of this meal. The individual size of these items will depend on how profoundly each wounded us. And, since it all needs to fit in our psychological pots or ovens, we will use whatever theoretical tool we need to, to cut them down to size. May it be make-believe chainsaws, large chef knives, etc., until we have them chopped down to bite-size pieces.

Next, we’ll add a healthy dose of fear, anxiety, pain, and grief (for those of us who have lost loved ones or had to watch them suffer from a distance in 2020). Any other noxious seasoning in our mental cupboards, that may have been there for years, can be mixed in too. This will be the primary spice mix for the main dish that we have already prepared. It’s important to make sure to shake out every last bit of these selected herbs, from any nook they may be hiding in, as there will be no need for any of them in 2021.

As we mix in the herbs with the prepared elements, we need to remind ourselves that none of these items which have been with us is needed for our lives anymore. We need to remember our strength, our worthiness, resilience, and ability to stand strong in the face of whatever might be thrown at us in the coming year. Once we’ve done so, we will light the fire of our mental barbecue, spit roast, smoker, traditional oven, or stovetop, to start making this seasoned fare.

While our main dish is cooking, we’ll create a gravy made up of microaggressions, petty grievances, disagreements, white lies, and other minor transgressions. How thick this sauce becomes will be based on how fully we empty this category of articles from our personal storage. Let’s pretend it’s a going-out-of-business sale, and make sure not even one interpersonal kerfuffle is held on to.

Once your dish is ready, and your sauce as well, set the table, and get ready to feast on this scrumptious meal meant to help set you free emotionally, mentally, and psychologically. With every theoretical bite, you’ll be letting go of all kinds of negative feelings, and events, past and present. This is in order to make way for all the positive there might not have been room for, in your emotional closets until now.

As the meal comes to an end you will check your mental, emotional, and psychological wardrobes once more, and find them blissfully empty of any toxicity. With a clean slate, you will now determine what you want to receive and store from here on. All that space will invite you to fully exorcise the ghosts of old and new, and embrace, peace, love, hope, faith, and prosperity. All while, not taking responsibility for whatever precariousness may occur in the world, outside of your personal control, in 2021.

I hope you enjoyed reading this recipe, and that you try it for yourself, with roaring success. At a time when we are so isolated from one another, for pandemic reasons, it is especially important to take care of our mental health.

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