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The Purpose-Driven Life Chronicles: Chapter 2 – A World of Thanks

The Purpose-Driven Life Chronicles: Chapter 2 – A World of Thanks

As mentioned in my previous blog, I have been compiling my very first gratitude list. Since I’ve never done one of these before, I decided to take stock of the past 2 years, and not just this one.

Why Do a Gratitude List?

It is much too easy to focus on negatives in our personal lives, or in the world. Doing so, can sink one’s spirits into a whirlpool of fear, anxiety, and depression, and generally cause a feeling of powerlessness. Whereas, focusing on the positives in our lives, and in our communities, can have the opposite effect. It can make us feel hopeful, joyful, and empowered to enact change that will tip the scales of positivity further.

2020-21 Gratitude List

I am grateful for:

  1. My family: having lost some loved ones during the pandemic, I am thankful for the ones that are still here.
  2. My friends: there is a saying that the friendships you maintain, especially into adulthood, are like your chosen family. Well, my ‘chosen family’ has been well tested and has only grown in importance to me, the more time passes.
  3. My career: work has always been a priority due to it being quintessential for financial survival. But fulfilling work has steadily become the MOST important criteria for me in terms of job selection. Something I only fully accepted in 2021.
  4. My health: it’s never quite as good as it should be, but whatever level it is at, has remained stable these past 24 months. I am happy that I’ve successfully found ways to keep it that way.
  5. My apartment: I moved into a lovely place a few years ago in a neighbourhood I’d barely visited before. Since then, the area’s undergone full gentrification and combined with the ongoing rental housing crisis in my city, I couldn’t afford to rent my apartment were I to move in today. So, I’m happy I found it when I did.
  6. My neighbour: My apartment came with an amazing senior citizen neighbour that; feeds my cat-baby when I’m away, protects all my Amazon packages from theft, and overall, just makes me feel part of a little community, despite living alone in a metropolitan city.
  7. Essential workers: all the individuals that put themselves at risk since the pandemic began, to ensure that our basic needs as a society are met. I feel indebted to personnel working for the food, health, manufacturing, construction, transportation, and public safety industries. And I’d like to apologize to the many sectors I am probably overlooking, but which likewise play a vital role, in our collective well-being.
  8. Small local businesses: who have fought hard to survive, despite how challenging the past 18 or so months have been. And who, in my opinion, make up part of a city’s distinct identity, at least for its residents.
  9. Living in a natural disaster-free zone: I’m from the West Coast, and BC has had some very unfortunate weather in recent times. From, raging forest fires to recent massive flooding requiring evacuations of residential areas. Families were displaced, natural habitats destroyed and overall, there has been so much loss. However, the greater Montreal area has been rather calm on the disaster front, and I’m very grateful for that. I feel blessed to have had such a safe harbour throughout this time.
  10. Canada: It’s been a tumultuous few years, and through it all, I am very lucky to be living in a country that took such great financial care of its residents, in very uncertain times. The income assistance programs that were created, and extended to every sector of Canadian society, were awe-inspiring. It’s what allowed a great number of us to stay home at the beginning of the pandemic. The debt that was incurred to support our economy, and our people, was unprecedented. It was right, it was brave, it was Canadian.

In the next chapter of these chronicles, I will share how my situations and remedies exercises have been panning out so far. What I feel I’ve learned, how the experiences went, as well as what changes they’ve brought into my life.A body of water with trees and a sunset in the background

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I invite you to write your own list, I’m sure you’ll be amazed to see how quickly it can grow once you start. Sometimes it takes a visual representation of the many marvellous people, places, or things, populate our own little worlds, to remind us how lucky we are to be continuing this adventure called life.

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Lack emotional control? Try Cherry Plum Bach Flower Remedy!

Lack emotional control? Try Cherry Plum Bach Flower Remedy!

Do you lack emotional control? Are you ruled by your feelings? Does your heart rule your mind? In that case, you may need Cherry Plum Bach Flower remedy!

The negative Cherry Plum state can be quite a dangerous state of mind, and definitely one of the most horrific acute emotional mental states that can be experienced. In this state, the individual may feel as though he or she is about to lose their mind or “explode” from within, as in when one has a nervous breakdown and is unable to keep inner mechanisms going. Many fear that they will completely lose their minds and commit acts of extreme violence and do things they may regret later. Others harbour thoughts of suicide – either physically or at a mental level – and therefore, this negative emotional state is one that is looked at with great concern.

In the negative Cherry Plum state, the processes of spiritual and mental growth that occur when energies are balanced are almost frantically suppressed at a subconscious level, and the person seeks to deny the dark forces, which everyone single one of us possesses, reside in them. The person’s own terror that dark thoughts could lead to dark actions causes them to try to drive down and suppress all such thoughts. Pressure leads to counter-pressure, and this causes immense mental and emotional strain, causing the sufferer to feel as if they are headed for a nervous breakdown, with extreme fear, mental anguish and desperate thoughts being the main symptoms involved.

A person suffering from a severe negative Cherry Plum state is unable to face his or her own inner feelings and completely denies the guidance of his or her Higher Self. This personality suffers from a fundamental fear of opening up to the process of development and is literally unable to “let go”, as a result of which the negative Cherry Plum state occurs. This state can occur both as an acute and a chronic state. What causes the negative state to arise? Many factors. Take, for example, men who have fought in wars and endured days of continuous shelling. Can you imagine what happens to the will and mental state of such people? Being in the midst of constant shelling and tremendously loud noise, as well as watching their comrades die around them – the trauma can be severe and destroy one’s will, leading to a negative Cherry Plum state. Or take for example, those who have spent time in prison camps and have been under brutal interrogation for several days, even weeks. Such horrific experiences can break the will and mind of most, and such people have often developed negative Cherry Plum states.

Children in need of the Bach Flower remedy, Cherry Plum are often bed-wetters and regularly wet their beds due to a lack of control not just of their emotional nature but their urinary bladder as well. These children, who keep themselves under tight control during waking hours, let their inner anxieties come to free expression only when there is no conscious bodily control, which usually happens at night.

While often hard to recognize because the negative Cherry Plum personality exhibits extreme outward control, people experiencing the negative Cherry Plum state may be betrayed by their eyes. Often they exhibit eyes that are wide open, staring, and blinking less than normal, as if in shock.

Once in treatment with Cherry Plum Bach Flower Essence, the personality may begin to submit itself to the guidance of the Higher Self. There it can be led through the chaos of the darkness within itself to the light that is the essence of the Higher Self. After re-connecting with the Higher Self and passing through this horrendous state, these individuals are often able to bear extreme adversities that would break a lesser personality. They become strong mentally, emotionally and even at a physical level.

In the positive Cherry Plum state, one becomes able to enter deeply into the unconscious and to use the insights gained there. He or she becomes connected to a powerful reservoir of spiritual strength, gains great spiritual insight, and makes tremendous advances in personal development.

Lacking Intuition? Try Cerato Bach Flower Remedy!

Lacking Intuition? Try Cerato Bach Flower Remedy!

Are you lacking in intuition? Don’t ever have a gut feeling or a hunch about something? Do you lack a connection to your higher self? Then you may need Cerato Bach flower remedy!

In a negative Cerato state, the person/personality refuses to recognize the role of the higher self within himself or herself – the person lacks confidence in her own inner voice or intuition and instead seeks answers from external sources. Even though this person “knows” what is right, he or she distrusts and doubts his or her own decisions. Thus, the person becomes annoying to others by constantly questioning them and asking for their opinions about everything. Even minor issues must be examined and others’ opinions sought at all times, and this can be quite frustrating for everyone involved!

Because negative Cerato people ask so many questions and seek answers all the time for even trivial matters, they are able to gather a great deal of information. However, they don’t use all their acquired information because they don’t trust in their own abilities to make a decision.

Trusting in the judgment of others rather than in one’s own self often causes the negative Cerato personality to take action which is damaging and which is against their better judgement – just because an outside “authority” mandated that action. This lack of listening to the “inner voice” and following the advice of “external voices” leads to much disappointment and frustration on a regular basis.

After using the Bach Flower remedy Cerato, the individual’s inner voice may once again be heard and may grow stronger. The person may gain an attitude of quiet certainty so that no outside argument will deter him or her from a decision which he or she knows to be the right one.

Once returned to a balanced energy state through Bach Flower Essences, the individual will not only trust his or her inner voice and feel secure in the knowledge gained, the person will be curious, eager to learn, and enthusiastic about sharing his or her knowledge with others.

The bottom line? If ever you are in doubt about your own decisions, consider some Cerato Bach flower remedy… it just may lead you in the right direction and open up infinite possibilities for you that could never have been possible without it!

Tips for better sleep!

Tips for better sleep!

What if I told you that scientists have discovered a revolutionary new treatment that makes you live longer, enhances your memory, makes you more attractive, keeps you slim, lowers food cravings, protects you from cancer and dementia, wards off colds and flu, lowers your risk of heart attacks and stroke, not to mention diabetes and makes you feel happier, less depressed, and less anxious. And what if I told you that this medicine in question not only exists, it is already available free of charge in your own home. Would you take it?

You would.

Well, guess what? It is something you have been taking every single day of your lives… and it is called sleep!

Unfortunately, there are many who don’t get some well-needed shut eye, and if you are one of those people, this article is for you! A good night’s sleep is extremely important for your overall mental and physical health. In fact, it is just as important as eating healthy and exercising, and perhaps even more so. Unfortunately, people are now sleeping way less than they did in the past, and the quality of sleep has decreased as well due to many reasons such as stress, hectic lifestyles, marital problems, irregular habits, not prioritizing daily schedules, etc. In any case, here are 10 reasons why good sleep is important:

  1. Poor sleep leads to an increase in body weight.
  2. Poor sleepers tend to eat more than sound sleepers.
  3. Good sleep can increase concentration and productivity.
  4. Good sleep can maximize athletic performance.
  5. Poor sleepers have a greater risk of stroke and heart disease.
  6. Poor sleep increases the risk of type 2 diabetes.
  7. Poor sleep is linked to depression.
  8. Good sleep improves your immunity.
  9. Poor sleep is linked to increased inflammation.
  10. Poor sleep affects mental health and your social life.

As you can see, a good night’s sleep is of paramount importance for your overall well-being, and here are five tips that can help you get a good night’s sleep:

1. Keep it regular: Go to bed and wake up at the same time, even on the weekend.

2. Keep it cool: Lower your core temperature by 1.2 degrees Centigrade to fall asleep.

3. Dim the lights before bed: Bright lights and screens disrupt production of the sleep hormone melatonin.

4. Walk it out: If you can’t sleep, get up and do something until the urge to sleep returns.

5. Pass on the Espresso and nightcap: Alcohol fragments sleep and blocks REM sleep, so don’t drink in the evening.

However, there is also a natural and safe remedy you can take to enhance sleep and help you manage insomnia. More than 80 years ago, Dr. Edward Bach, the renowned English bacteriologist and researcher who discovered the Bach Flower Remedies, had an equally strong belief that our emotional state plays a fundamental role in health, sickness, healing and critical human functions like healthy natural sleep. He came up with “Rescue Sleep”, a mixture that contains six of the Bach Flower Remedies that can help one manage insomnia and get a good night’s sleep and contains six active ingredients:

-White Chestnut: To help ease a restless mind and calm a hyperactive mind.

-Star of Bethlehem: For trauma and shock, depression, sadness and grief. It helps greatly to increase vitality and strength,

-Clematis: For the tendency to “pass out” and being unconscious, and not present mentally.

-Cherry Plum: For the fear of the mind giving way and being on the verge of a breakdown.

-Impatiens: For irritability, tension and being fidgety.

-Rock Rose: For frozen terror and panic. It helps soothe the mind and calm the nerves.

Rescue sleep can help calm restless minds, providing natural relief of sleeplessness caused by stress and repetitive thoughts in our heads. The next time you want a good night’s sleep, give Rescue sleep a shot!

The Purpose-Driven Life Chronicles – Chapter 1: A New Start  

The Purpose-Driven Life Chronicles – Chapter 1: A New Start  

As the end of 2021 comes nearer and nearer, I find myself looking back on this year introspectively. As always, I am making mental and actual checklists, filled with the goals I would still like to accomplish before the year ends. Also, I am keeping track of the people, experiences, and things, the past 12 months have made me grateful for. Some of what I’m doing is positive; a gratefulness list, some of it is not, i.e., stressing myself out further with endless goal checklists. So, this year, I am choosing to try something different. For once, it’s not something some distinguished individual has written a book or a blog about (that I know of), it’s simply what I want to try.

In this blog entry, I will list some things in my life that are sources of anxiety for me, as I haven’t found positive ways to remedy them. These issues are things I believe others can relate to, as such, I will offer potential solutions for each of them. In follow-up pieces, I will share what remedies did or did not work for me, and how I think they might benefit you.

A goal I have had for a long time, is learning to be more present, every day. I feel like as I’ve become more socially responsible, my ability to just ‘enjoy the moment’ has gone into a free fall. To start with, there are two different types of situations that I will try to work on.

  • Situation 1: If I’ve had a busy week that’s been heavy on deliverables and light on relaxation and fun, I tend to try to pack as much ‘enjoyment’ as possible into the free time I do have. Which leaves me mentally keeping track of my ‘fun schedule,’ rather than truly enjoying myself.
    • Or, if I don’t plan a lot of stuff to do on my off days, then I feel guilty for not ‘getting personal things done before getting caught up in a workweek again.
    • Proposed Remedy:
      • I will brainstorm what the top five things I want to do after such a week are.
      • Then I will choose the top two, and plan one main event on each of my days off.
      • I will then allow myself the liberty to relax, and not do chores for the rest of that day.
      • To prevent myself from falling back into familiar patterns, I will do some brief journaling to stay on this positive track.

This seems like quite enough proposed actions to begin exploring. I will check back in via future blogs, to share what ‘fruits’ these solutions have yielded for me. I’m excited about this new series of entries that encourage personal growth on my end, which I’ll be able to share with others.

As a reader, I challenge you to apply some of these suggestions, as they relate to complications you face. And let’s embark together, on our individual journeys towards change.


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Nature & Child Development Part 1

Nature & Child Development Part 1

               As a child, I felt as though the place where I most belonged was amongst nature. I felt drawn to it. When I was younger, I would constantly ask my parents to go to the local nature park and explore. I would be the happiest and most energetic when surrounded by trees, bushes, running water, and wild animals. I have always felt this passion inside me. And so, this got me wondering, are any scientific studies looking at the positive benefits of nature? I definitely feel re-energized after hiking up a mountain or running around a forest. But, is there any scientific biases to my personal experience? In order to find out, I decided to read quite a few scientific articles, systematic reviews, and book chapters on the relationship between nature and child development. In this blog post, I would like to relay to you guys what I found. In summary, as a child grows and explores our world, they begin to encounter a variety of new external stimuli, which not only helps them learn about the world around them, but also about themselves. Our natural environment is especially conducive to child development as it gives children diverse opportunities to explore and play. Unstructured child-directed play in nature has been shown to enhance cognitive development, socio-emotional development, motor development, physical activity, and respect for our environment1,2,3,4.

Now, I would like to breakdown each component of development separately for you guys, beginning with cognitive development. Starting from a very young age, children are tasked with “identifying, naming, classifying, and learning about the natural world” 4. Being in nature allows children to be exposed to a plethora of new vegetation, animals, and geological formations. Through trips to the local nature park or nearby forest, children can explore this new and exciting world for themselves (under the guidance of an adult). Personally, I’ve always loved walking through parks filled with tall trees, vibrant flowers, flowing streams, large (climbable) rock formations, small birds, squirrels, frogs and even turtles, never really knowing what is around the next corner. All of these new stimuli can be exciting for a child, which can also act as an opportunity to learn about nature. It really is a different experience seeing a mushroom in the wild vs. at the store, or seeing a wood-pecker in its natural habitat compared to on the television. Being in nature can also influence the type and amount of play. Compared to play in a traditional playground, children playing in nature seem to demonstrate greater amounts of imaginative and constructive play, which can stimulate creativity and problem-solving ability2,5.

               When I was around 10-years-old, my father would often bring us to Parc-nature de l’Île-de-la-Visitation on Gouin Street. At the time, I didn’t even know the name of the park (I only found that out when an adult). As a child, this park was solely known as “The Adventure Park.” I would beg my dad to bring my brothers and I to this park every chance I could. It felt so special to me. If you have ever been, you would know that this park is gigantic. There are multiple paths surrounded by large trees, all connected to each other. The park is flanked by the Prairies River, which has a hydroelectricity dam within it. There are two sections of the park connected by a bridge. Because of its large scale, two separate sections (separated by a river), and large mysterious device creating humongous wave (which I now know generates electricity), this park truly felt like an adventure. There was even one evening where fireflies circled my family. I will never forget the moment when I saw my grandmother surrounded by beautiful lights. From this experience, I can definitely understand how much nature has to offer us and how the amount of diversity experienced may contribute to my development.   

Read Part 2 here