**NOTE: The following is a personal blog from one of our guest writers, it is important to seek immediate medical attention should you feel any symptom of COVID-19 or are feeling unwell**

The coronavirus pandemic has been very stressful for almost everyone and has resulted in a host of negative emotions festering in people – anger, frustration, depression, anxiety, worry, stress – the list is almost endless. Countless people are terrified of contracting the disease and even overreacting to the possibility of having contracted it. On the other hand, there are an equal number of people who, for various reasons, conspiracy theories included, are in denial of the seriousness of the situation. They compare the pandemic to the flu and brush it off as a harmless phenomenon.

Whatever may be an individual’s opinion of the pandemic, the Bach Flower Remedies can help him or her face the situation with courage and cope with all the stress in a healthy manner.  The host of negative emotions people feel during the pandemic, as mentioned above, can literally weaken the immune system, making one even more vulnerable to coronavirus and other diseases, and the Bach flower remedies are invaluable in such a situation.

Remember that people are not the same, and they react to the same situation in myriad different ways. No single Bach remedy can address everyone’s situation, so it is essential that one is mindful about how they are feeling and select the appropriate remedies that address their specific individual needs. That being said, the below list of Bach flower remedies may be quite helpful in neutralizing negative emotions and stress, giving you courage and offering you a sense of hope:

Star of Bethlehem – The great remedy for shock and trauma. It is useful for anyone who is traumatized or in shock that they have contracted Covid-19 or know someone close who has.

Rock Rose – Very helpful for people who are terrified of themselves or their loved ones getting sick, or of having to close their business due to the pandemic.

Mimulus – The ideal phobia remedy to help you get over your fears and worries of getting infected or closing their business. Mimulus gives courage and confidence.

Crab Apple –  For those who have become overly hygienic and germaphobic. For ‘clean freaks’ who wash their hands more often than is necessary, which can cause unnecessary harm to the skin.

Agrimony – A useful remedy for those who suppress their emotions, which can lead to a lot of stress and anxiety.

White Chestnut –  Very helpful for those with a hyperactive mind. For people who constantly think and worry about the epidemic to the point where they suffer from insomnia and the resultant lack of energy the next day.

Aspen – Is very effective on people who get very anxious, which causes increased stress and trepidation.

Red Chestnut – The remedy for those who are consumed by fear and worry about a loved one’s health or well-being

Elm – Useful when one feels overwhelmed by the ‘new’ life one has to live due to the pandemic – having to always wear a mask, washing hands constantly, constantly keeping a safe distance from others, and then ensuring that family members and loved ones do so at all times as well, etc.

Gentian – People who are suffering from sadness and despondency due to a specific reason – having contracted the virus, knowing a loved one who has, having had to close down their business due to the pandemic, etc.

Gorse –  The remedy for people who are feeling overly hopeless and depressed about their situation in life and can’t see any way out of it.

Hornbeam –  Very useful for those lacking mental energy / vitality that occurs after being stressed out by the pandemic and the many new responsibilities that come with it.

Water Violet – This is a helpful remedy for people who feel terribly lonely due to the lack of socializing and the shutdown of bars, pubs, nightclubs, etc.

Cherry Plum –  The go-to remedy for people who are having a difficulty in staying calm and composed during the pandemic. Frustration over the pandemic has led to a lot of fights breaking out between people in recent days, and this remedy can greatly help in keeping one composed.

Impatiens –  A useful remedy that can help with irritability that is all the more common in people during the pandemic.

Walnut – A great remedy to help people adapt to change and a new lifestyle, brought on by the pandemic. It helps one to adjust to social distancing and quarantines.