Do you suffer from groundless fear all day and night? Are you afraid of the dark for no rational reason? Do you suffer from anxiety and have a heart that is always pounding? If so, you may require Aspen Bach flower remedy.

The negative Aspen state is a very sensitive state and a fearful place to be in for those who suffer from it. Those in need of this Bach flower remedy seem to be unconsciously “stuck” in the emotional and astral plane that we all pass through every night in our dreams – the plane that harbors our personal negative emotional experiences, along with our notions of heaven and hell, superstitions, and even fairy tale ideas. As a result, they experience an eerie kind of fear that they cannot put a finger on or even name specifically. Whereas certain fears and phobias can be specifically named, such as a fear of dogs, fear of ghosts, fear of the teacher, the Aspen fear remains vague and unspecified, and sufferers experience a constant fear for no reason – it is a feeling of dread and anxiety, as if something terrible is about to happen. People needing Aspen remedy are also subconsciously sensitive to impulses and psychic currents around them, such as conflicts in the workplace, the psychic energy of a fellow rider on a bus, and of course, the fear of war, financial disaster, and other similar worries. They are so sensitive to their surroundings and the people around them that they are often aware of developing conflict before others around them even take notice!

In extreme cases, this groundless fear turns into full-blown anxiety attacks, complete with trembling, bouts of sweating, and fluttery feelings in the stomach. The tortures of hell are suffered, and the person then begins to suffer not only from a ‘fear of panic attacks’, but a ‘fear of fear’ itself!

Children in need of Aspen Bach flower remedy have an insufferable fear of the dark and often believe that there is a “monster under the bed” that may be real and may attack them. As a result, they always insist that their bedroom door remain open or that a light be left on all night. Most of these children dread sleeping all by themselves in their bedrooms and prefer sleeping with their parents. The fear of the dark is so intense that they sometimes wake up in the middle of the night screaming and shouting and having wet their pants!

When people requiring Aspen remedy are treated with the Bach Flower Remedy Aspen, they are able to make a connection between personality (person) and their Higher Self. They are then able to recognize the divine power of love within themselves, and to consciously use the positive side of the Aspen Bach flower energy. As a result, they are then able to explore the non-material planes of consciousness, such as the astral and emotional planes, without fear, and to use them for their own benefit, and for the benefit of others.

Many activities can trigger the negative Aspen state in even healthy people. Certain efforts at self-help, becoming too “opened up” by certain group meditation techniques, or being through “bad trips” while on drugs can often cause a negative Aspen state to arise. This can be neutralized by getting off the afore-mentioned activities and using Aspen Bach remedy.

In short, for those who are always fearful, timid, anxious and scared of the dark, Aspen Bach flower remedy can be like a true blessing and one not to be ignored.