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Almost everyone we know, at some point or the other, judges others by very narrow standards, and can become highly critical and even arrogant. Luckily, most of us do not remain “stuck” there in that negative mental state and can come down from the high pedestal we stand on and be “down to earth” once again.

Unfortunately, some people continue to remain in this state of arrogance and superiority, totally focused outward from a critical point of view. Unable to focus inward and digest their life experiences and be flexible in their thinking, these people, called in Bach Flower therapy as “Beech people”, because they suffer from the negative symptoms of the Beech Bach flower remedy, also experience trouble with physical digestion and rigidity of the body.

People belonging to suppressed minority groups, such as African-Americans for example, develop into Beech personalities. Having been subjected to years of hatred, humiliation, disappointment and battered self-esteem from other segments of society, they withdraw and build their own set of values. These private values then serve to insulate and protect them from the slings and arrows coming from the outside and in fact, even help them elevate themselves to a position of superiority over their detractors and oppressors. In some cases, entire families exhibit the Beech personality state! The Beech personality feels cut off from the greater whole, even while it longs for unity, a fellowship of souls, and harmony. The arrogance and criticism are merely a shield that has been erected in an effort to protect the individual from emotional pain.

Unable to face criticism, scorn, or disapproval from others, an individual in need of the Beech Bach Flower Essence suppresses his or her own feelings to such an extent that she cannot possibly understand or empathize with the feelings of others. In an extreme Beech state, the sufferer’s tolerance levels fall so low as to become unduly upset over such simple things as another person’s speech patterns or small gestures. That then, is truly the pinnacle of intolerance!

After a Beech personality takes Beech Bach flower remedy, they may let go of their limited value judgements. Criticism is transformed into understanding and the individual finally experiences sensitivity, genuine love, and tolerance for those who are different from himself or herself.

Dr. Bach’s Beech flower remedy may help us to re-connect with our Higher Self and with the Unity of the Universe. It can help us return to a state of joy, cheerfulness, and tolerance for those around us.