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Do you lack emotional control? Are you ruled by your feelings? Does your heart rule your mind? In that case, you may need Cherry Plum Bach Flower remedy!

The negative Cherry Plum state can be quite a dangerous state of mind, and definitely one of the most horrific acute emotional mental states that can be experienced. In this state, the individual may feel as though he or she is about to lose their mind or “explode” from within, as in when one has a nervous breakdown and is unable to keep inner mechanisms going. Many fear that they will completely lose their minds and commit acts of extreme violence and do things they may regret later. Others harbour thoughts of suicide – either physically or at a mental level – and therefore, this negative emotional state is one that is looked at with great concern.

In the negative Cherry Plum state, the processes of spiritual and mental growth that occur when energies are balanced are almost frantically suppressed at a subconscious level, and the person seeks to deny the dark forces, which everyone single one of us possesses, reside in them. The person’s own terror that dark thoughts could lead to dark actions causes them to try to drive down and suppress all such thoughts. Pressure leads to counter-pressure, and this causes immense mental and emotional strain, causing the sufferer to feel as if they are headed for a nervous breakdown, with extreme fear, mental anguish and desperate thoughts being the main symptoms involved.

A person suffering from a severe negative Cherry Plum state is unable to face his or her own inner feelings and completely denies the guidance of his or her Higher Self. This personality suffers from a fundamental fear of opening up to the process of development and is literally unable to “let go”, as a result of which the negative Cherry Plum state occurs. This state can occur both as an acute and a chronic state. What causes the negative state to arise? Many factors. Take, for example, men who have fought in wars and endured days of continuous shelling. Can you imagine what happens to the will and mental state of such people? Being in the midst of constant shelling and tremendously loud noise, as well as watching their comrades die around them – the trauma can be severe and destroy one’s will, leading to a negative Cherry Plum state. Or take for example, those who have spent time in prison camps and have been under brutal interrogation for several days, even weeks. Such horrific experiences can break the will and mind of most, and such people have often developed negative Cherry Plum states.

Children in need of the Bach Flower remedy, Cherry Plum are often bed-wetters and regularly wet their beds due to a lack of control not just of their emotional nature but their urinary bladder as well. These children, who keep themselves under tight control during waking hours, let their inner anxieties come to free expression only when there is no conscious bodily control, which usually happens at night.

While often hard to recognize because the negative Cherry Plum personality exhibits extreme outward control, people experiencing the negative Cherry Plum state may be betrayed by their eyes. Often they exhibit eyes that are wide open, staring, and blinking less than normal, as if in shock.

Once in treatment with Cherry Plum Bach Flower Essence, the personality may begin to submit itself to the guidance of the Higher Self. There it can be led through the chaos of the darkness within itself to the light that is the essence of the Higher Self. After re-connecting with the Higher Self and passing through this horrendous state, these individuals are often able to bear extreme adversities that would break a lesser personality. They become strong mentally, emotionally and even at a physical level.

In the positive Cherry Plum state, one becomes able to enter deeply into the unconscious and to use the insights gained there. He or she becomes connected to a powerful reservoir of spiritual strength, gains great spiritual insight, and makes tremendous advances in personal development.