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Are you lacking in intuition? Don’t ever have a gut feeling or a hunch about something? Do you lack a connection to your higher self? Then you may need Cerato Bach flower remedy!

In a negative Cerato state, the person/personality refuses to recognize the role of the higher self within himself or herself – the person lacks confidence in her own inner voice or intuition and instead seeks answers from external sources. Even though this person “knows” what is right, he or she distrusts and doubts his or her own decisions. Thus, the person becomes annoying to others by constantly questioning them and asking for their opinions about everything. Even minor issues must be examined and others’ opinions sought at all times, and this can be quite frustrating for everyone involved!

Because negative Cerato people ask so many questions and seek answers all the time for even trivial matters, they are able to gather a great deal of information. However, they don’t use all their acquired information because they don’t trust in their own abilities to make a decision.

Trusting in the judgment of others rather than in one’s own self often causes the negative Cerato personality to take action which is damaging and which is against their better judgement – just because an outside “authority” mandated that action. This lack of listening to the “inner voice” and following the advice of “external voices” leads to much disappointment and frustration on a regular basis.

After using the Bach Flower remedy Cerato, the individual’s inner voice may once again be heard and may grow stronger. The person may gain an attitude of quiet certainty so that no outside argument will deter him or her from a decision which he or she knows to be the right one.

Once returned to a balanced energy state through Bach Flower Essences, the individual will not only trust his or her inner voice and feel secure in the knowledge gained, the person will be curious, eager to learn, and enthusiastic about sharing his or her knowledge with others.

The bottom line? If ever you are in doubt about your own decisions, consider some Cerato Bach flower remedy… it just may lead you in the right direction and open up infinite possibilities for you that could never have been possible without it!