Do you suffer from low self-esteem? Do you often feel that you are not as competent as and feel inferior to others? Are you plagued by the expectation of failure? And lack confidence in your ability to do things well?

Low self-esteem and a lack of confidence, which are more prevalent in the general populace than one thinks, can feel like a curse to most people, leading to a paralyzing hesitation in saying or doing things, a sense of impotency and even an unconscious melancholy in most cases. Luckily, there is a Bach flower remedy that can help you deal with such feelings and overcome a lack of confidence, thus enabling you to get more out of life! 

This Bach Flower Essence is called Larch, and it relates to the soul quality of self-confidence and self-esteem.

The negative Larch state, which is characterized by low self-esteem and feelings of inferiority, usually has its origins from infancy, when the child takes on its parent’s negative attitude, or even before birth (reincarnation is a real thing, regardless of your religious beliefs, in my opinion). In any case, the child grows up with feelings of low confidence, lacks courage and believes in a certainty of failure. He or she doesn’t just doubt his or her abilities, but actually believes that he or she is inferior to other people and “can’t do what others can.” As a consequence, the person fails to learn and grow in life through new experiences, becomes impoverished and gets mired in feelings of discouragement and an unconscious melancholy. Most people are unable to recognize their limits, but the Larch person sees only limits and barricades in life, and this leaves them with a sense of impotency and incapability.

People in a negative Larch state will seem to act sensibly and even realistically when they refuse to take on projects or tasks. They will offer all kinds of excuses that appear sound and reasonable. However, if they did have the confidence and attempt to try, most would realize that they not only know more about the task at hand, but also possess more talents than most people!

When persons suffering from a negative Larch state begin to take Larch remedy under the guidance of an experienced Bach flower therapist, they will attain a different perspective on life altogether. They will slowly but gradually be able to assess things more objectively, and will also do so from a positive point of view. They will then, to their own surprise, be able to handle almost any situation that is handed to them and usually make a success out of it. The Bach Flower Remedy Larch allows the inner Vital Energies to rebalance and harmonize; as a result, the person is able to connect with and take guidance from his or her Higher Self.

It is interesting to note that a negative Larch state is not always a chronic condition originating from childhood. Many people can also be temporarily thrown into this undesirable state by a setback or situation which rattles their confidence and makes them doubt their abilities. Everybody is human after all, and nobody is immune from setbacks to his or her confidence.

Larch Bach Flower remedy has proven to be useful whenever an extra dose of self-confidence is needed. For example, when facing an exam, going for a driving test, giving a speech in public,  during divorce proceedings, while having to stand up to a superior or a bully, etc. It is especially useful in children who are scared to venture on their own on any given task.

Larch Bach Flower remedy is also used in the treatment of alcoholics who drink to overcome their sense of inferiority and forget their failures. It has also proven to be helpful in problems with sexual performance and potency which stem from the expectation of the re-occurrence of the problem.