I would like to write a humble ode, to the warm fall days, that we have been enjoying on the east coast. It has made summer seem to stretch on, for an extra few months this year. I, for one, feel grateful and blessed to have experienced such warmth, and sun, these past five months. As fall temperatures and weather, begin in earnest, I leave you with my ballad to summer/fall 2021.

I hear a robin sing a joyous melody,

            outside my window.

Another bird joins in,

            and then another,

            until their merriment rouses me from my slumber.


I wonder if I am still half asleep,

            and playing the starring role,

in my own version of Cinderella.


winged companions as friends,

and on the brink of embarking on a wondrous adventure.

After a few more minutes,

I realize that I am fully awake.

And that,         

what I mistook as the continuation of a dream,

was really my feathered visitors’ overture,

to the arrival of summer.

Delighted by this charming wake-up song,

I step out onto my balcony,

            curious to see,

if I interpreted the birds’ ballad correctly.


sun rays hit my skin,     

            they feel warm and delicious,

like cool water on a hot summer day.

My body feels parched,

            and desperate for the energy it can feel,

flowing into it.

With every passing moment,

my senses seem to awaken,

from their winter slumber.


they stretch out,

drawn to this source of natural warmth,

like flowers in full bloom.

I close my eyes,

to focus on the heat permeating through me.

It is sweet like molasses,

and gentler than the breeze from a hummingbird’s wings.

With my eyes still closed,

I slowly turn and turn,

until my body begins to feel dizzy.

I realize that,

I am instinctively trying to distribute this warmth,

equally throughout my body.

After a seemingly endless winter,

            my mind doesn’t seem to remember,

how inartificial heat works.


            unlike my space heaters,

            this summertime sun will warm every inch of me,

without my having to move a millimetre.

I throw my head back,

to feel its blissful rays,

            caress my face.


I hear laughter,

and discern it to be my own.

My mirth;

has bubbled out in wondrous laughter;

            my very own ode to summertime.

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