Learning your limits and boundaries can be an equally painful and surprising experience. No one is as surprised as I am by how different my life currently looks from even just a month ago. I am used to experiencing change, however, the shifting dynamics in my life right now, both with others and myself, indicate a clear time of transition for me. Times like these tend to generate the most spiritual and emotional growth, and to be honest, I did try and catalyze that process consciously. I embarked upon a 30 Day Challenge beginning on December 7th, 2020 and coming to an end on January 5th, 2021 with the intention of gaining clarity. I knew that I needed to hone my focus in terms of where I dispensed my energy; and, I had the suspicion that a challenge targeting my habits and daily routine would help me in obtaining that clarification. My hypothesis was correct, as that is exactly what happened.

For my 30 Day Challenge, which was inspired by a TED Talk given by Matt Cutts, I chose 3 things to accomplish every single day. The first, was I would wake up early every morning. I wanted to reset my internal clock and gain the most out of every 24-hour cycle. The second, was that I would write and publish a blog post every day on my website ariellelondon.com. I wanted to produce daily content on my site for a few reasons, but one reason being to work on my discipline even further. The third, was that I would cut out a guilty pleasure of mine, a soda drink, for the entire duration of the month. It may sound small, but I was consuming a great amount before the challenge and knew that I needed to somehow make that change. All three parts of the challenge were difficult on different levels, at different times and in different ways. However, all three were also highly successful and taught me incredible lessons, improved my habits, and have now led to some serious change.

There comes a certain time in your life where you can no longer take an ostrich approach to the body that you have standing fully exposed while your head is in the sand. If you want to progress you have to acknowledge reality as reality is, because without doing so you are blinding yourself to where in fact you stand. I have a saying, “mental health is physical health,” and I say it often. I repeat these words because I do not think people realize just how greatly their state of mental wellness can indicate their physical state. There are other reasons why I say this as well, but for the purpose of understanding the inevitability of change, imagine a person who is unwell mentally. This disruption may be taking place in the mind, but physically their mind is still attached to their body and so their main source of direction (aka the mind) can lead them astray physically. So with that in mind, looking at change within the context of actively seeking it through a 30 Day Challenge, I am happy to say that I have removed my head from the sand in some vital areas of importance. And with that revelation comes new boundaries and the inevitable entity that is change has presented itself into my universe, full throttle.

This is not to say that any of this is easy. Times of great transition can often lead to times of great discomfort as they don’t call them growing pains for nothing. However, when it comes to bettering your mind, body, soul, spirit and life overall… embrace the growing pains as necessary side effects of the antidote you have newly prescribed your life and remind yourself of the end goal of being happy and healthy. After all, everyone deserves to live the fullest version of what happy and healthy means to them. Life is an oyster full of endless possibilities, if you need to make a shift in your life, lean into the power of change and embrace its trove of hidden opportunities.

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