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As the end of 2021 comes nearer and nearer, I find myself looking back on this year introspectively. As always, I am making mental and actual checklists, filled with the goals I would still like to accomplish before the year ends. Also, I am keeping track of the people, experiences, and things, the past 12 months have made me grateful for. Some of what I’m doing is positive; a gratefulness list, some of it is not, i.e., stressing myself out further with endless goal checklists. So, this year, I am choosing to try something different. For once, it’s not something some distinguished individual has written a book or a blog about (that I know of), it’s simply what I want to try.

In this blog entry, I will list some things in my life that are sources of anxiety for me, as I haven’t found positive ways to remedy them. These issues are things I believe others can relate to, as such, I will offer potential solutions for each of them. In follow-up pieces, I will share what remedies did or did not work for me, and how I think they might benefit you.

A goal I have had for a long time, is learning to be more present, every day. I feel like as I’ve become more socially responsible, my ability to just ‘enjoy the moment’ has gone into a free fall. To start with, there are two different types of situations that I will try to work on.

  • Situation 1: If I’ve had a busy week that’s been heavy on deliverables and light on relaxation and fun, I tend to try to pack as much ‘enjoyment’ as possible into the free time I do have. Which leaves me mentally keeping track of my ‘fun schedule,’ rather than truly enjoying myself.
    • Or, if I don’t plan a lot of stuff to do on my off days, then I feel guilty for not ‘getting personal things done before getting caught up in a workweek again.
    • Proposed Remedy:
      • I will brainstorm what the top five things I want to do after such a week are.
      • Then I will choose the top two, and plan one main event on each of my days off.
      • I will then allow myself the liberty to relax, and not do chores for the rest of that day.
      • To prevent myself from falling back into familiar patterns, I will do some brief journaling to stay on this positive track.

This seems like quite enough proposed actions to begin exploring. I will check back in via future blogs, to share what ‘fruits’ these solutions have yielded for me. I’m excited about this new series of entries that encourage personal growth on my end, which I’ll be able to share with others.

As a reader, I challenge you to apply some of these suggestions, as they relate to complications you face. And let’s embark together, on our individual journeys towards change.


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