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As mentioned in my previous blog, I have been compiling my very first gratitude list. Since I’ve never done one of these before, I decided to take stock of the past 2 years, and not just this one.

Why Do a Gratitude List?

It is much too easy to focus on negatives in our personal lives, or in the world. Doing so, can sink one’s spirits into a whirlpool of fear, anxiety, and depression, and generally cause a feeling of powerlessness. Whereas, focusing on the positives in our lives, and in our communities, can have the opposite effect. It can make us feel hopeful, joyful, and empowered to enact change that will tip the scales of positivity further.

2020-21 Gratitude List

I am grateful for:

  1. My family: having lost some loved ones during the pandemic, I am thankful for the ones that are still here.
  2. My friends: there is a saying that the friendships you maintain, especially into adulthood, are like your chosen family. Well, my ‘chosen family’ has been well tested and has only grown in importance to me, the more time passes.
  3. My career: work has always been a priority due to it being quintessential for financial survival. But fulfilling work has steadily become the MOST important criteria for me in terms of job selection. Something I only fully accepted in 2021.
  4. My health: it’s never quite as good as it should be, but whatever level it is at, has remained stable these past 24 months. I am happy that I’ve successfully found ways to keep it that way.
  5. My apartment: I moved into a lovely place a few years ago in a neighbourhood I’d barely visited before. Since then, the area’s undergone full gentrification and combined with the ongoing rental housing crisis in my city, I couldn’t afford to rent my apartment were I to move in today. So, I’m happy I found it when I did.
  6. My neighbour: My apartment came with an amazing senior citizen neighbour that; feeds my cat-baby when I’m away, protects all my Amazon packages from theft, and overall, just makes me feel part of a little community, despite living alone in a metropolitan city.
  7. Essential workers: all the individuals that put themselves at risk since the pandemic began, to ensure that our basic needs as a society are met. I feel indebted to personnel working for the food, health, manufacturing, construction, transportation, and public safety industries. And I’d like to apologize to the many sectors I am probably overlooking, but which likewise play a vital role, in our collective well-being.
  8. Small local businesses: who have fought hard to survive, despite how challenging the past 18 or so months have been. And who, in my opinion, make up part of a city’s distinct identity, at least for its residents.
  9. Living in a natural disaster-free zone: I’m from the West Coast, and BC has had some very unfortunate weather in recent times. From, raging forest fires to recent massive flooding requiring evacuations of residential areas. Families were displaced, natural habitats destroyed and overall, there has been so much loss. However, the greater Montreal area has been rather calm on the disaster front, and I’m very grateful for that. I feel blessed to have had such a safe harbour throughout this time.
  10. Canada: It’s been a tumultuous few years, and through it all, I am very lucky to be living in a country that took such great financial care of its residents, in very uncertain times. The income assistance programs that were created, and extended to every sector of Canadian society, were awe-inspiring. It’s what allowed a great number of us to stay home at the beginning of the pandemic. The debt that was incurred to support our economy, and our people, was unprecedented. It was right, it was brave, it was Canadian.

In the next chapter of these chronicles, I will share how my situations and remedies exercises have been panning out so far. What I feel I’ve learned, how the experiences went, as well as what changes they’ve brought into my life.A body of water with trees and a sunset in the background

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I invite you to write your own list, I’m sure you’ll be amazed to see how quickly it can grow once you start. Sometimes it takes a visual representation of the many marvellous people, places, or things, populate our own little worlds, to remind us how lucky we are to be continuing this adventure called life.

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