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Our communities are full of young minds and hearts that have big dreams and open futures. Our youth are your youth. They are the children of your employees and your customers. They are your future staff and consumers.

A donation to FACES is an investment in our community. With your help, we can continue to help youth take control of their lives and build a brighter future. We invite you to become a part of their futures by making them a little bit brighter.

All funds donated to F.A.C.E.S. will be used to support one of our various programs. You cab decide if your donation goes towards training a volunteer, supporting a mentor relationship, our life skills, job skills or to send a youth to summer camp. It is our desire that no young person be turned away from a program due to social or financial barriers. We believe every youth deserves the opportunity to grow and develop in a healthy environment, so we make every effort to reduce or eliminate barriers that would prevent participation.

Across Canada, there are a minimum of 35,000 youth over the course of the year without a place to call home

Youth paired with a mentor are 45% less likely to use substances, are more active, and maintain healthier lifestyles

Close to 20% of youth in Canada are suffering from anxiety, depression, or another mental health issue

80% of youth in a mentorship program have higher literacy rates and are more likely to graduate and pursue higher education

Where would your donation go?

To support a youth for two days at summer camp – $80

To support a youth for one week at summer camp – $340

To support an in-school tutoring program for one year – $1000

To support an in-school class program for six-months – $2000

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Making a donation? You have the option of making your gift online or by cheque.

It’s affordable: For as little as $25 a month, you can contribute to the success of our programs.

It’s flexible: You can choose to modify your gift at any time.

It’s convenient: Whether you choose to have your monthly gift come through your credit card or automatic bank withdrawal. No need to remember to reach out to us each month.

You can count on FACES to use your generous donation to support the youth we serve. With your donations, FACES will turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones for our youth.