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How It Works

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Fill out the sign-up form to enroll in the FACES Tutoring program.

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Choose the subject you would like from the drop-down menus to register for a 30, 60 or 90 minute slot. We ask that you not sign up for more than 3 hours of tutoring per student per week.

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You will be approved within 48 hours of your scheduling the session. If you don’t get an approval email within the 48-hour time frame, please contact

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Once your tutor approves your session, you will receive an email with the link to join your Zoom at the scheduled time!

Tutoring Registration

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For recurring sessions only

Recurring sessions are available if you would like to have scheduled, repeating sessions with one assigned tutor (like a traditional personal tutor experience).

Please note that:

  • Each individual session can last up to 1hr 30min in duration.
  • You may request multiple sessions each week for different subjects; however, a maximum of 90min per subject per week is allowed (for example, you cannot request 2 sessions of math each week, but you can request 1 session of math and 1 session of science)
  1. Fill out the sign-up form to enroll in the tutoring program, choose the subject you would like to be tutored in and the amount of time you would like each weekly session to last.
  2. When booking the session, please indicate available dates and time. Without this information we may not be able to fulfill your request for recurring sessions and your sessions may be declined.
  3. To request a recurring session, fill out the start and end date in the additional information field. This can be changed in the future by directly communicating with your tutor. Please note that this is only a request for a recurring session – your tutor may decline or modify the request if the end date of recurrence is too far out or if their timings don’t work out.
  4. Your recurring session request will need to be approved after your request – this should happen within 48 hours of your scheduling the session. If you don’t receive a notification on the status within 48 hours, please contact
The Basis


One-on-one sessions with a highly-qualified tutor


Group sessions at a scheduled time, for a set time period, with an assigned tutor.


We offer tutoring sessions in all core subjects, as well as essay feedback and general study techniques. Contact us for more information.


You can use our tutoring service straight from the comfort of your home! We use Zoom to communicate with students through video conferencing, allowing for less hassle and more flexibility

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